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Writing Contest 2015/2016


President Jean Kearney (right) presenting Margaret Craigie with 1st Prize Non-Fiction Category,
International and NZ Region levels.



Trifecta - Fiction Category. NZ Region level. 
Margaret Craigie 1st prize (center). Carolyn Lankow 2nd prize (right). Adrienne Payton 3rd prize (left).

Adrienne Payton also placed 3rd in the Poetry category, NZ Region level.



Most improved member 2014/2015 Carolyn Lankow.


 Prepared Speech Contest 2015/2016


President Jean Kearney (left) presenting awards to place getters for the Prepared Speech contest (club level).
Adrienne Payton 1st place, Carolyn Lankow 2nd place, Keith Newton 3rd place. 
Adrienne made it to the finals at international level. 





Margaret Craigie 2014 2nd in NZ Region Prepared Speech Contest

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Margaret Craigie 2013 International Prepared Speech Contest Winner 

Margaret Craigie 2013 International Prepared Speech Contest Winner


Kinsa Hays

2nd Place International Writing Contest 2012 (Fiction) Weka Goes Bush
1st Place NZ Region Writing Contest 2012 (Fiction) Weka Goes Bush 
1st Place NZ Region Writing Contest 2012 (Poetry) 
2nd Place NZ Region Writing Contest 2012 (Non-fiction)

Kinsa had been a member of Speakwell for less than a year, when she was encouraged to enter the writing contest and thought she'd “give it a go”. It is truly impressive that Kinsa got placed in every category she entered, and on her first attempt. A self-described “story-teller”, Kinsa has had little experience as an author. She is particularly proud of her achievements as a poet, as she'd been developing this aspect of her creativity for less than a year! She is a remarkably talented lady, and Speakwell has been lucky to have her as a member.

The members provided the necessary support, ensuring the background paperwork was signed and sent off before the deadline, as well as reading the occasional draft.

Sadly, Kinsa has moved out of the area, but intends to return to Speakwell in year or two.


Margaret with Plate

Margaret Craigie 2nd Place NZ Region Prepared Speech Contest 2012.

The premier event of the year for POWERtalk Speakwell members is the Prepared Speech Competition. Along with other contestants, Margaret was given a choice of 3 topics, 3 weeks to prepare and had to talk for 5–8 mins. Margaret chose “Nature” and spoke on the nature of job interviews, in particular the consequences of imagining an interview panel naked. The title of her speech was “Au naturale” and Margaret said “I just let my imagination flow - the speech practically wrote itself”. 

Margaret came 2nd at club level and following an unfortunate set of circumstances for the 1st place-getter, she then went on to represent Wellington at the NZ Regional competitions in Hamilton, successfully gaining 2nd place. 

Margaret commented “It's wonderful to get a placing. People don't see the hours of practice that you put into it, that all the competitors put into it. They just see the final product and think it comes easily, however there's a lot of hard work involved, but also a lot of fun too! 

Should the Region’s 1st place-getter (Janet Henderson of Waitakere Club) change her mind, I'd be happy to step up and represent NZ at international level in Hawaii!”

Margaret has been involved in speech competitions with POWERtalk Speakwell for 7 years and still gets a bit nervous. 

“The nerves never really quite go away, but you learn to control and convert it into energy for the speech itself. I keep telling myself that if I muck it up at least I'll be remembered for what I say! We've had some newcomers to the club who have really raised the bar. It's good to be kept on your toes and it's great for the club. 

The other members are incredibly supportive, telling you what works for them in the audience and what doesn't. I've seen them do the same for members who need to give a work presentation. Whether you're a person who prefers competitions or are just looking to improve yourself, POWERtalk Speakwell can provide you with the right learning environment, fantastic opportunities and it looks great on your CV too!"