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Training and Accreditation Programmes 

Our Training and Accreditation programmes have been reviewed and revised. From the new year (1 August 2018) there will be a new look programme and manual.  

Each training manual is a comprehensive guide to projects that are used in the club for speaking and presentation. The Vice-president Education develops the club programme based on the level of the member and assigns the roles required for the meeting.

The manual contains practical projects to provide information on a variety of different speaking situations including the leading of club meetings and the evaluation of other speakers.

Projects include:

  • Speech to entertain
  • Speech to persuade
  • Speeches using visual aids
  • Presenting a technical talk
  • Book review

The projects may be completed in any order with no fixed time period though experience suggests that around 2 years provides the optimum level of personal development. 

The project specifications are not intended to be mandatory and may be adapted to individual needs. 


Each speaker at a meeting is assigned an evaluator who will provide a realistic assessment of the speech together with helpful suggestions for improvement.

The concept is to support each other and to gain greater understanding of speaking techniques from analyzing the work of fellow club members.

The General Evaluator provides an overall assessment of the meeting. 

Of course, evaluations are themselves a speaking opportunity and should be delivered as a structured speech. 


The accreditation programme is a more-formal system of qualifications based on 5 courses leading to the award of certificates for 5 levels of achievement;

  • Effective Communicator (E.C)
  • Proficient Communicator (P.C.)
  • Skilled Communicator (S.C.)
  • Accomplished Communicator (A.C.) - under review
  • Distinguished Communicator (D.C.) - under review

Training and accreditation programmes are regularly updated to meet changing presentation techniques.   


All clubs participate in the annual speech contest which progresses though club to national level.

There is also a very popular writing contest with sections for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

At Speakwell we also participate in evaluation, reading and impromptu speech contests.